Sep 14

God Protect Me From My Haters

true story *snicker*

haters trula.org

Sep 14

How to Tell Who the Strong Women Are

Saw this floating around facebook, I strongly agree!

Strong Women trula.org

Sep 14

Itatí Cantoral as Soraya Montenegro: Doing the Most

Too much! I almost fell out of my seat myself watching this mess LOL

Sep 14

Never Forget

From the Zinn Education Project:

We will never forget Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Addie Mae Collins–all 14 years old, and 11-year-old Denise McNair. They were murdered in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in an act of terrorism by a Klan related group on Sept. 15, 1963 in Birmingham, Ala. We also remember Sarah Collins Rudolph who was severely injured in the bombing and two boys murdered that same day in Birmingham: 16-year-old Johnny Robinson and 13-year-old Virgil Ware. Here are resources for teaching about this tragedy: Birmingham Public Library online digital collection of photos and news clippings: http://bit.ly/cezq1X; the film 4 Little Girls by Spike Lee; the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; a lesson from Teaching Tolerance: http://bit.ly/9U5FHj; a film by Harvey Richards about the church/union sponsored march down Market Street in S.F. in response to the 1963 bombing: http://bit.ly/1DadrRw; and a song by Baltimore history teacher (of 37 years) and his RJ Phillips band called “I can’t think of a Sunday” youtu.be/dGtuJVz_ncA

Sep 14

I Lack a Sense of Urgency Re: Time

One of the major disconnects I have with other people is that I lack a sense of urgency regarding time. I am 42 years old and I still don’t know why everyone is always in such a hurry. Seriously, I am mystified by this. But I went along with it because I thought this was what productive adults did: You hurry to work, you hurry through work, you hurry home, you race through the grocery store and other shopping, you rush rush rush through traffic, etc. Last year it hit me just how much time I spent rushing from here to there, and I resolved to stop. I hate rushing, I hate hurrying, I hate being rushed or hurrying. Rushing makes me feel nervous and tense. But it took me until about May of this year to stop rushing around like everyone else, to go at my own pace. You know what I discovered? I haven’t lost anything in the way of time. Which makes me sad for all the decades I spent rushing. Oh well, all I can do is go forward. It has already improved my life, though, as I am much less stressed. There are 24 hours in a day and running around like a beheaded chicken does not change that, nor do I accomplish more when I hurry. I’m beginning to feel a sense of kinship with Time, again. Welcome back old friend.

How Did I Start?

I do tend to be abrupt with changes but with this I stopped gradually…I started with walking. Unless I am exercising, I am a very slow walker. I like to just stroll along. So when walking here and there, I just started going about at my strolling pace. I do give way to people in a hurry, for example at shops and in parking lots and stuff there are always people behind me in a hurry hurry hurry; I just move to the side and smile and motion to them to pass, where before I would hurry up too. Or stuff like getting out of cars, my husband and kids jump in and out of cars and are in the house before I can unbuckle my seat belt. This used to fluster me and bother me (like ok we’re at home, what are we rushing for) but now I take my time getting out of the car and stroll into the house.

Driving was my next step. I am a very careful driver and generally follow the rules but I have made the mistake in the past of speeding up in order to adjust to a tail-gater. I don’t do that anymore, I go the speed limit and/or 5 miles above. I leave with plenty of time to get to my destination, and on the highway I stay in the slow lane so as not to tick off the rushers or get triggered into rushing.

Most Helpful

What has helped me most of all was being mindful of things I need to do and padding extra time. I can work very well under pressure and I can/have produced copious amounts of work in a short amount of time, so I got into the bad habit of scheduling a huge amount of work each day. So now instead of writing 20 things on my to-do list for the day, I write 4. Then sometimes cut that in half and do 2. I pad each work task with extra time, and when/if I have to go somewhere, I add extra time. Like if it takes me 20 minutes to drive somewhere at the slowest, I’ll put 30 minutes in my schedule. That way I’m not pressed or rushing to get anywhere, and it makes me feel like I have little extra moments in my day.

Rushing to Red Lights

What is the big hurry all about? I know people have work and family and things they need to do, but I have seen people speeding towards a recent red light. ??? I don’t get it, you’re going to have to stop for at least a minute…chill. Now, time will tell if this perspective will stick come winter. Now that Ive thought on it I suspect the main reason why people in NE Ohio are always in a big hurry is because we have very cold weather 6 months out of the year…you move fast in the winter when it is 15 degrees out. I think people just are in the habit of moving fast due to that, along with the general American idea that productive people are busy people.

Is it Self-Importance?

I used to think, about time, that I would miss out on stuff or that I wouldn’t get everything done. Then it hit me: I could live a hundred years and that is still less than a blip measured against eternity. I’m only here for a moment, relatively speaking, why should I waste precious moments scurrying about, rushing here and there, stressing myself out, for what? I will use my time to do what I can at my own pace. I have enough time for that. I used to think that rushing gave me more time or ‘made’ more time, but it doesn’t. There is also a self-importance I sense in people’s hurrying, an attitude of look-at-me-being-busy-and-stuff. It kind of reminds me of how back in the day people used to act with blue tooth headsets, or even further back in the day with pagers. Or the way some people act when they have on a designer label or expensive purse. Status! Is what I mean, it’s as if people think being busy busy busy gives them status or something.

Apr 14

When Trula Got Pranked: Epic April Fool’s Day

So in 3rd grade I was in Catholic school. I had a few classmates who could not stand me, one I equally hated, she was my nemesis! LOL but another girl I had no real ire for, I actually liked her quite a bit. She was round and fat (this was in 1981 when there was not a lot of fat kids so she really stood out for this) and had, like me, big round cheeks. But hers were red like apples. And she had sparkly dark eyes that appeared to be jet black, and perfect super white teeth (again, 1981! no whitening strips and what not we have today, so super white teeth really stood out).

I liked looking at her and when she’d snap at me Quit staring at me Trula! I would pinch her cheeks or one of her fat arms, then she’d pull my hair. We sort of fought a few times but A) I can’t fight so the fight would end quickly once she started slapping and B) I would just end up grabbing her and squishing her. I said one day in front of the whole class that she was so soft and fun to hold and they were like O_O and made fun of us both, so she hated me after that. Anyway, come April Fool’s day, she told me before school started, as we were playing in the schoolyard, that I didn’t have to go in to school unless I felt like it because for Catholics, April Fool’s day was sacred but since I wasn’t Catholic I was excused. This was believable to me because as a lot of kids in my class were preparing for their First Communion, I WAS excused from a lot of the religious stuff.

Then she told me to go behind a tree to find the activity box they’d left for the non-Catholic children. I know right? Gullible. But I did it, and as I was searching for this box everyone else was called to line up and went on into school. I couldn’t find the box so I just went on playing, all by myself. Do you know it took about an hour to dawn on me that this was an April Fool’s prank?? And that was only because some other teacher, a nun, glanced out the window and saw me running around the school yard LOL.

When she came to get me I protested, telling her all about the sacred Catholic April Fools Day LOL. She said, You’re one of the Breckenridge kids, right? What on earth are you talking about, do we need to call your parents? So I went on in great detail about my what classmate had told me, with extra stuff my imagination added. As I was talking, the look on her face clued me in and I realized I’d gotten pranked. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! And I was walked to my class. It was the walk of shame, I tell you. Oh, I was so embarrassed. Oh, my entire class and my teacher laughed about this for DAYS. I wasn’t even mad at the girl though, because that hour on the playground alone and running free was SO. MUCH. FUN. It really stands out as being one of my best childhood play-times. So fat-face-apple-cheeked-girl, Thank You, wherever you are.

Feb 14

Sotheby’s, Belafonte, Dr. King’s Children & the Epic Tragedy of Selling Out

So Harry Belafonte is suing the King family for ownership of some memorabilia of Dr. King’s. Dr. King’s children are already battling each other because his two sons want to sell priceless items and his daughter does not, and now this? Turns out both Belafonte and the Kings want to SELL the items in dispute at Sotheby’s. Belafonte claims it’s for charity. Uh, what? These are priceless historical documents! They may not be of ‘academic significance’ but certainly have important cultural value. They belong in the Smithsonian or something like that. They should not be sold!

Sotheby’s is an auction house, they will flip those documents to the next highest bidder! Who could be anybody, including some nouveau rich punk like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus! Who would then turn around and publicly defile them, right before going broke! In a few years time Dr. King’s papers would be on eBay! Belafonte is wrong for trying to sell these. Charity shmarity, he’s still enough of a name he can pull funds for charity in other ways; that is simply NOT a legitimate reason to sell Dr. King’s memorabilia. So I suspect he has some sort of personal financial gain in this…let me say upfront this is pure speculation on my part but perhaps he’s already been paid an enormous sum under the table, and then buyer agreed to publicly pay a bit more. Then 100% of that money goes to the charity. So now perhaps Belafonte’s got to sue or give that money he’s been paid under the table back?

My imagination could be running away from me but clean image or not, this is a dirty thing for Belafonte to do. I’m cynical. He strikes me as a reasonably intelligent man who must know the historical and cultural significance of Dr. King’s documents. This is like trying to sell the gotdamn constitution at Sotheby’s! Who goes that, why would you do this? Maybe we’re too close to it, we’re only two generations out past the Civil Rights Movement, but I predict that the full importance of Dr. King’s impact on America will be recognized and understood possibly as soon as 5 decades. Especially once people fully absorb and act on his economic and class teachings as folks did the civil rights movement. He changed the course of American history! The arc that change spans is in progress today, folks just don’t know!

Jan 14

Changes for 2014!

I hope the New Year is treating you right, for me 2014 has come at me HARD but that’s ok, I’m still here! Celebrated my birthday on the 13th; I’m now 42 years old, woooo-hoooo! Very excited about that. So anyway I am making some changes in my life and business including the focus of this blog. I’m changing trula.org to be my general website. I’ll take about important news, pop culture, world events, any and whatever. For my writing, I’m reviving mercurylynch.com as my science fiction blog and trulaearthgarden.com will be my blog for all my other writing. I promise to post regularly! at least 3 times a week on all my blogs. I know I fell way the heck off last year. No more. It’s on!

Jan 14

My Manifesto for 2014

See Time and I are very good friends. BUT all my life she’s been splitting herself into these personalities called years. Usually I get along ok with ‘em, but sometimes they like to show out. 1980 actually tried to kill me, then 1983 tried to front but I put on a show and punked that b*tch out. 1992 was so nuts I had to leave that crazy girl at the club throwing up on her shoes. Time learned her lesson from that and cooled the f*ck out for a few years. We had some ups and downs in 1995 but remained cool. Then this beast tried to break my back come 2002! I told her Look I’m through with you! but she begged and pleaded, pulled the BFF card and stuff. So I relented and let her back into my inner circle. Now we’ve been thick as thieves since then, yah there have been a few minor skirmishes; one in 2008 threatened to blow up but she smoothed it out. Now come 2014 this rusty broad wants to step to me? I have one thing to say to you 2014. COME AT ME BRO. I’m ready for YOU

Oct 13

On Basic B*tches

One thing I struggle with in writing fiction is coming up with interesting characters. Sometimes I come across people in real life that you just can’t make up.

I’m on day three of my voice being gone due to laryngitis. It’s ok, I went to the doctor today and it’s just from a cold and will clear up soon. So anyway this elderly woman (at least 80 years old) in the waiting area got upset at the receptionist and called her a ‘basic b*tch’. Then she sat down next to me, talking about basic b*tches this and basic b*tches that. I about died laughing, but I could barely make any sound, so it came out as squeaks. She said, “Goodness sakes what’s wrong with you?” I whispered out I couldn’t talk and she said, “Oh that’s too bad, I was going to ask you to go talk to that basic b*tch up there that keep trying to change my appointment, I bet she’s scared of black people, oops is that racist?” I whispered, “Yes “and she said, “I’m sorry but YOLO!”

I was like O_o and then pulled out my phone. Then she pulled hers out and asked me to check her calendar because she knew her appointment was today because she put it in her phone and she wanted to show it the basic b*tch receptionist. I shook my head No, but then she said, “I’m sorry for being an old racist. There, will you help me?” LOL so I took the phone…turned out her appointment was for next Friday, which is what the receptionist had been trying to tell her. So she went up to the desk and said, “I’m so sorry, I’m the basic b*tch who don’t know how to use a smartphone.” The receptionist said, “It’s ok ma’am we’ll squeeze you in. Please stop cursing though.” The elderly lady said, “Cursing? Oh you mean basic b*tch, well honey it’s not cursing anymore it’s on urban dictionary. You need to get with it girl!” Then she sat back down next to me and said, “Can you believe girl young as that don’t know slang? She g’on learn today!”
I. Was. Done. LOL!!

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